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 * ctrlpacket.h
 * Functions to parse and send pptp control packets.
 * $Id: ctrlpacket.h,v 2002/06/21 08:51:58 fenix_nl Exp $


int read_pptp_packet(int clientFd, unsigned char *packet, unsigned char *rply_packet, ssize_t * rply_size);
size_t send_pptp_packet(int clientFd, unsigned char *packet, size_t packet_size);
void make_echo_req_packet(unsigned char *rply_packet, ssize_t * rply_size, u_int32_t echo_id);
void make_call_admin_shutdown(unsigned char *rply_packet, ssize_t * rply_size);
void make_stop_ctrl_req(unsigned char *rply_packet, ssize_t * rply_size);

#endif      /* !_PPTPD_CTRLPACKET_H */

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